phone number as a parent of the actual phone

kevin goemaere 8 years ago 0

We have portable ip-dect phones in the company, and these phones break quite often.

We are a bit puzzled on how to use glpi for this use case. Now when a phone breaks we create a new phone and set the old one as defect.

When we do a search request we see a nice overview of all the times the phone was replaced.

The problem occurs when a phone gets lost. Then we create a new phone. a week later the phone is recovered and we put the phone back in our reserve pool of devices. The only problem is that the phone serial is then allready registered to the phone number.

So when you re register the phone to a new number the overview of when and how a phone was replaced is gone.

Ideal would be to create a phone number, and then attach a device to that phone number. That way you would always have an overvieuw of when and how a phone was broken and replaced.