can you add a transport document management ?

Vincenzo Consiglio 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 2

We need a transport document management for transfer assets from a location to another. At now we must use another software to produce this document, it would be wonderful if it could be integrated in glpi.


What is a transport document management ?

Thank you in advance

<< A transport document is a delivery note that provides information on a consignment contained in one truck (or other vehicle). The information on a delivery note includes the delivery date and address, the customer's name, the contents of the consignment, and so on. In Italy, a delivery note is a legally required document, where it used to be called BAM (Bolla Accompagnamento Merci). Currently it is called DDT (Documento di Trasporto). In Portugal and Spain delivery notes are also used, but there they do not have the same legal status as in Italy.>>