Business rules for "changes"

CarlosM il y a 8 ans mis à jour par glpi il y a 2 ans 7

The business rules for tickets works reasonably well for manipulating tickets, but there seems to be no ability to apply any rules for "changes." We would like to auto assign approvers and "minimum approval" settings for Change requests etc.

Helpe me please. :-)



It would be great to have this feature. Now the changes management takes a lot of hand work. if we could automate some attributions and workflow for the Changes the use/adoption would be much easier.

Agreed too ! It would be great to have rules, templates...

I'd like to add rules, based on priority or impact, to assign automatically an approver.

I agree, the ability to modify ticket status, create/reset approvals etc using rules, just as we can for incident and request tickets would take a lot of the pain out of using changes in GLPI.