Pin tasks to view at first sight "tasks to do"

Pauline Clément 8 years ago updated by Becky Jones 3 years ago 3

Have the possibility to pin tasks in order to view at first sight a "task to do" for example. In the same way like pin a topic in a forum. Indeed in consistent tickets, it's difficult to find "tasks to do" among the other tasks and followups and not forget to do them.

Epingler une tâche afin de voir en premier les tâches par exemple de type "A faire". En effet dans les tickets conséquents, il peut être difficile de repérer les tâches qu'il reste à faire et à ne surtout pas oublier.

I'm not sure what you want exactly but i think this is already done with 9.1 take a look on demo admin_en http://demo.glpi-project.org/ or my screenshot https://d.pr/VYBK

I've checked your screenshot but it doesn't match. It's more when you are on the "processing ticket" tab of a ticket. I've seen nothing like that in the 9.1 version of GLPI.

I'd like to see something similar too. 

Maybe when you go to your ticket list, be able to see pinned tickets at the top so you can't/don't forget about them.