Example dataset for GLPI

CDuv 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 1

I think an example dataset that covers every feature of GLPI (computers, network ports, patch network, softwares/licences, tickets/problems/changes, budgets, etc.) would be helpful.

My opinion is that some uses GLPI as an inventory database for their machines/licences, others for helpdesk management (with or without team planning).

And I think few uses the full potential of GLPI (partly because not everybody needs to).

When you are not aware of the problems that GLPI gives answers to, it's difficult to truly understand how some parts works and should be used.

In my case: I use inventory, helpdesk and documents. I also use GLPI to model how my network equipments are connected together. But I have no idea of what the "Project" part aims to offer: the best I can do is fill the blanks in the forms and see where it leads me...

By looking at an example dataset I might understand what each part of GLPI is supposed to do and use it as it was thought/imagined by original author.

This would also express some common "patterns" we are using (eg. "states" dropdowns).


I'll add: contracts, SLAs ,RSS feed, recurring tickets to the list of parts it sometimes difficult to understand how to handle right.