Get the PC name in a ticket

Javier Samaniego 7 years ago updated by Ariel 7 years ago 5

Is it possible get or associate the PC that send the ticket to the ticket?

Thank you.

You mean associate the computer the requester user is using to the opened ticket?

Tickets are not only for computer issues, it can be for phones, printers, Internet connections, etc.

How could GLPI determine such information when a user is associated to more than one computer?

In the "Create ticket" form, user gets prompted for the element, his computer is in that list.

You are right, i think the same, but i want to know from which computer was open the ticket because we had our own helpdesk and capture this with the global variable "$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']", and the hotliners say that this was useful.

Maybe you could add this information in another field...

Could you give us a complete use case ? What do you do with this feature ? Do you need to do some reporting on it ? Notification ?

Thank you.

Hi. I requested this feature because the hotliners said that most of the tickets are equipment problems where the ticket is opened. So they need to associate it as item.

But I don't agree with this, because not all tickets are about the petitioner equipment, honestly i prefer fix this problem:


Thank you for response.


Hi. I think it would be very useful. When a ticket is opened, it is registered in it, the IP of the pc (or its name) from which it was generated.

(Sorry for my english) ... :(