Search Computers by Software

Stephen Risinger 9 years ago updated by Megachip 6 years ago 5
Can we add Software to the list of options to search by for the Computers search? That would allow us to only list the computers who have a particular combination of software installed.

I'm +1 on this one.

When looking for computers having one software we can use the "Installation" tab of Software object.

But when looking for two softwares or for computer not having x softwares we are helpless.


Hello, it's already an existing option. Use meta criteria (white plus icon) to achieve it.

NOT condition is also available.

See this screenshot :

Image 49

You declined this, but even in the public demo (v 0.90.3), it's not an option. Was this something that you actually decided to include now, but just declined my request?

Or just open the software, and you will see on which computers it is installed.