multiple sorting

clovis coruble 7 years ago updated by Random488 11 months ago 4

It would be really nice to be able to apply multiple sorting on tickets and others things.

For example sorting ticket by type first and then by priority.
So the ticket would be sorted like this:

  • First all the request, sort by priority.
  • Then all the incident, sort by priority.

This is possible directly in sql, so I guess this is also possible directly in GLPI :
SELECT * FROM `glpi_tickets` ORDER BY `glpi_tickets`.`TYPE` ASC, `glpi_tickets`.`PRIORITY` ASC;

Of course the "TYPE" and "PRIORITY" do not have this name in the DB, but I think this could be done ?!

Thank you in advance !
Best regards.


We're really desperate for this, and might be interested in financially sponsoring the feature, if practical.

Yes, I'm in for the Excell style column sorting all the way !

Let's start a fundraising for this? I'm in for 150 € ; who else?


This was added in GLPI 10. You can hold the ctrl key down when clicking on the column headers to add additional sort levels.


Thanks a lot for being around here Curtis; you are right, "mutli sorting of results" we missed it but the feature is indeed present on the  https://glpi-project.org/glpi-10-0-final-release/ page