Prevent planned task to be stored when it overlaps

Óscar Beiro - TICgal 7 years ago updated by Johan Cwiklinski 7 years ago 4

When planning an additional task for a tech, if the selected time frame is already busy, GLPi gives an error (in future versions will be a warning) which is OK, but saves the task anyway (which is not).This renders planning useless, since a tech could be assigned multiple times to the same timeframe.

As this behaviour is acceptable for some users, my suggestion is to add a check either globally or per Entity to allow or disallow tech task planning overlap.

Please check github issue for additional info:



It should be an alert directly in browser before pressing 'Save', so that users will not be frustrated, and will be able to change the schedule before saving.



Adding an alert before saving would be a good idea; but if this still permit to add an overlapping task this may not be ok for all usages as far as I understand.

The "ajax" alert would replace (or consolidate) the existing. +1 anyways :)

My idea is to alert in ajax and then block the submit as long as the chosen time slot is not available for the tech.


Ohhh... indeed; we can use ajax for both cases depending on configuration. But working on a javascript less solution tat does not lost all input woudl be a plus ;)