New status to Tickets

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My sugestion is new status to tickets.
Exemples: Waiting Feeback (Aguardando Feedback) and Waiting List (Lista de Espera).


I use the pending feature for this and create a task>information with a description of why the ticket is pending.

Custom pending statuses would be nice but not sure if could be easily implemtented.



Actually we are doing the same to know if a ticket is managed internally or externally, using task categories to sort tickets.



Thanks for the feedback!


Here we could define that no tickets can be pending in our teams but it would be nice to have more status and have the option to configure status that stops SLA counting and satus that doesn't stop it. One example of our operation is how can we differentiate tickets solved (solution delivered), tickets closed (validated by user), tickets paid (charge authorized).


It would be very nice to have option to configure new status like 'pending externaly'. That way it's easy to filter tickets that are reported to the software vendor.


A new Pr for this suggest will soon be submited (from ddurieux) for integration in 9.2.

Incorporating the status of Waiting Feedback, Waiting List, and Attendant would be very important to the user, since he can know as certain the status that his calling is
The status Waiting feedback can be used for calls that require user information to be answered.
For me, these statuses are of utmost importance to the flow of calls in the GLPI, even to show a transparency to the user of the call status for the user.
Thank you.

Any plan for this in 9.5 ?

Use plugin More Ticket and create new sub status for status Waiting (standard GLPI)!


any prediction so that the function of adding/changing the status of the ticket will be posted to GLPI ?

Is this function going to be released anytime soon? It would be very helpful