To give rights to watchers to view tickets where they appear independently of entities

Tomolimo 9 лет назад 0


Imagine you have plenty of end-users with rights only on the self-service (=simplified) interface.

Imagine you have plenty of entities, and end-users have only 'post-only' rights on one of theses entities.

The need is to give the possibility to end-users to view (and depending on rights to edit) tickets for which they don't have the formal rights (different entities) when and only when they are assigned as watchers on these tickets.


Two users: U1 and U2 have respectively 'post-only' rights on entities E1 and E2. Let's create one ticket T1 in entity E1 with U1 as requester. In this case U2 cannot see (nor edit) T1. In this case T1 can't be seen by U2 (we can't even assign U2 as watcher due to entity restrict).

1) we would like to be able to assign any user (whatever entity rights he may have) as watcher.

2) we would like to permit U2 to be able to view and add followups to T1.


Of course this should also be possible via groups as watchers. When users belonging to a group (assigned as watcher on T1) don't have formal entity rights.

This need can be linked to the 'carbon copy' of users at ticket creation: when a user is creating a ticket he/she may add any other user to be watchers (independently of entities).

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