UI bug - confirming changes before leaving any page.

Alan Brown 6 years ago 0

I'm filing this as a bug, not an idea, due to the number of times I get complaints from users.

In assets/{whatever}/{entityname} (eg, assets/printers/foo)

If you have edited any field (eg, name) in any tab (eg, printers, name) and then switch to another tab on the same entity (eg, network ports) without clicking "Save" then all changes are lost.

The problem also occurs if moving away from any page which has been modified.

GLPI should either update automatically (not recommended) or ask if the user wishes to save before continuing (recommended)


Whilst you can argue that if a user switches to another page on GLPI without saving, he deliberately did not intend to save, this argument cannot be applied to switching between tabs on the same entity (eg, when updating or creating data for a printer or computer).

It is safer to request confirmation and saves much enduser confusion/annoyance (I have been yelled at by managers because of this behaviour, they put the blame firmly on the software, not on their failing to click "save")

Even experienced users sometimes forget to click save.