Time to Contact - New field for tickets.

fullalbuns 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 3

Is it possible to create a new field for tickets, named "Time to Contact"? The idea is to have a new indicator for teams. 

More explanation about the idea:

The idea of "Time to Contact" is to understand the time that a tech guy is taking to make the first contact with the end user.

This field is very useful to create new kind of SLAs related on the time that a team takes to answer new requests.

I'm not sure want you want.

a) I think this is "time to own" slt level ?

b) or is this filled by end user ? ( I'm back at office 2 p.m.after lunch so contact me at 2.05 ?

c) technician get request on 8 a.m. technician try to solve it but don't work. technician call by phone the user at 8.30 a.m. You want capture this time.

for c) I do this with add a task "phone call to get more information 5 min, task done"

a) since 9.1.x you have sla split in slt "time to solve" and "time to own". 

I know that "time to own" and "time to contact" could be different. You can configure a sla escalation level "time to contact"

Only a suggest from other glpi user. (i'm not a developer.)

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Hi Armin,

The goal is to have an SLA that is missing or not possible on the current status.

On the current solution, the "Time to own" will allow me to understand, how long it take for the IT guy, to assign the ticket to himself (or someone assign to the tech person)

The "Time to Contact" will be a new indicator that allow me to understand, how long the IT guy, take from "Time to own" to the first interaction with the end-user. 

Imagine that i have an internal SLA that i need that the first contact to the end-user must be done in less then 2 hours. Neither the Time to Own or the Time to Resolve, solves this.

So, in ta simple view, i have 3 SLA, but can apply only 2 on the current GLPI:

Time to Own - how long my team takes to assign a ticket to themselves

Time to Contact - how long my team takes to make the first contact with the end-user

Time to Resolve - how long my team takes to solve the ticket

I hope this is clear why i'm putting this suggestion.