Show group planning on Group View tab

Eduardo Spinola 6 years ago updated by Armin 6 years ago 1

Show group planning in the group view tab like  "Personal View" tab, "Your Planning" box, because when we have tasks to do assigned with groups we can't see it on the home screen.

  • View group tasks in "Your Planning" on the Personal View
    1. Open personal view
    2. Click "Your planning"
    3. On the Left site activate the check box of the group you want to see. (Take care: don't check the group member selection "+" this is a other feature to select the task of the members of a group. )
    4. Go back - done :) - (but yes not in the group view)

  • other way / screen "Group View -  Ticket Tasks to do"


You have to assign the task to the group.

(I think it is possible since 9.2.) my screenshot is 9.2.1