Plugin "Appliances Inventory" pour GLPI 0.90

JJT 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 7
Nous sommes bloqués à la version 0.84.8 de GLPI du fait de l'utilisation du plugin "Appliances Inventory".
Pourriez-vous préciser la date de disponibilité du plugin "Appliances Inventory" pour GLPI 0.90.

Translation :

We are blocked at 0.84.8 Glpi version, by using Appliances inventory plugin.

Do you know when the plugin will be updated to 0.90 version ?

I think such question should go to plugin's bug/issue tracker.

It seems v0.85 compliance is already done but no sign of a v0.90 one.


Please contact plugins authors for this request :


How to contact them?


Will be done before new year

It's perfect. Thank you.

You have news concerning the update of this plugin for GLPI version 0.9x