switch ticket status to processing after requester reply

dmagniez 5 years ago updated by glpi 4 years ago 2

I suggest an option to automatically switch ticket status from pending to processing if the requester had replied.

When we receive a ticket update from an user via the webform, ticket is in pending state waiting user answer, technicians haven't any clue that ticket evolved and need attention.

No it works (on 9.2.1 take a look at http://demo.glpi-project.org/ ticket id 34210 estepan a post-only changed the state with a followup. You can look at the history tab here 

(The icon of the save butting is wrong if you open the dropdown function. It's only the view)

(FYI: We use notification for followup so technician get a mail.)


It's already the case.

A pending ticket will be set as processing when a requester actor answer it.