simcard management improvement

bertrand keller 6 years ago updated by SIB 4 years ago 2


Please simplify simcards management !

it's great that simcard was integrate to the 9.2 core but i not sure that simcard must be a component. The new management is more complicate that the plugin was...



I fully agree with this and there is a major error in reasoning regarding SIM cards. In real life, a phone gets much more often swapped than a SIM card. A SIM card is mostly a long-term item and it is a nightmare to have PIN, PUK etc added manually again after replacing a phone. Additionally the "mask" option needs to be turned off and and admin should be able to run a report about all existing SIM cards. The plugin was really great tool for all that.


Hi, I am still using the old plugin because the Glpi integration need a lot of improvement : the IMSI number , the PIN code, the  PUK code, The phone number (!!!!) , inventory number, the finance information (a SIM card cost something in some country), a contract attach, a provider, ticket attachment ... It's a real objet with special attribute. Can you please add that in the next Glpi improvement ? Thanks in advance