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Márcio Machado 8 years ago updated by Noe 6 years ago 11

Hello how are you?

It would be possible to remove the home page called overdue satisfaction or else an option to Enable and Disable the display of so-called satisfaction
Even determining the duration of the research in the same entity are in the home page and it accumulates a huge list.
Regards to all of you and sorry for my English.

I agree. My home screen personal view says "Satisfaction survey (30 on 150)". Most of these surveys are expired. I can't remove them. Once the survey has expired they shouldn't be listed any more.



A ticket is already opened for such feature : https://github.com/glpi-project/glpi/issues/433

I am very happy to accept the suggestion.

Thank you.

Hello how are you all?
I know this topic esa closed but queiria reuses it.

- In the version of GLPI 0.90.4, this adjustment was not done, that's it?
- This improvement will still be applied to any version.

Hugs to all and a great weekend.

Add more questions to the survey. Ability to add, delete, edit, update questions in the satisfaction survey.

Hi!!! could you apply the proposed solution?

Thank you

Hi!! Ricardo, How did you configure lime survey to work with GLPI? I'm trying to do it and I do not succeed. 

Thank you!

Thank you!!!