is it possible integrate plugin account into glpi,

mworacle 5 years ago 0

hi GlPI team,

i am very glad to write this email to you, i have used GLPI for several years, and also recommend this great tool for other IT friends.

but recently i meet one issue, and hope this feature can be integrated into 9.3 version.

for IT daily work, the accounts management is important, we use many applications, not all application use the AD account or by SSO model authentication. maybe every applicaiton has one  independent account and password. this situation is common in china. so there is one tool to manage those account like manage inventory is great.

currently i use one plugin
named accounts to manage, but i found one question that, i can't display
the status in used items in User pane. since this plugin doesn't use
global status, it has own status. but in used items in User pane, it
call global status to show.  i also use other plugin, for example one
plugin name appliance, it can be showed since it calls global  status