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Handle of "other" Network Components (like TVs, IP Cameras, Network speaker)

Megachip 6 years ago updated by asdf 5 years ago 5

Whats the best Way to handle/inventory all these network components? 

They will be detected by FusionInventory but no asset category seems to matching. 

Also FI didn't support generic objects yet, so there is now way to move them from "unmanaged devices" to a self created asset type.

Thanks a lot for all ideas and suggestions


Generally I file them as "devices" for lack of a better description. (IoT stuff)


If they have a NIC I will add them to Network devices, rather than Devices.


Tried to do it with GenericObjects... But also Positions plugin didn't support it. So maybe devices/networkdevices should be still the best :(

@Óscar A network device in my definition is some device, which connects multiple devices or "translate" between different networks (Switch, AccessPoints, Hubs, Router, Gateways etc)

BTW, devices also have network ports. 

Under review

Maybe you can vote for this:


An integrated Option to modify and add elements is important.