Ticket solution history

Thiago Passamani 7 years ago updated 5 years ago 11
Could be solved history called when the solution performed by the technician not approved.
Thiago Passamani

You mean have an entry in the history telling : "Solution is not approved"

Yes. And save the solution of ticket with message "Solution is not approved" and backgroud color red.


Thiago Passamani.


Or the solution that was not approved should be turned into follow up. That way when I would look at the ticket in "talk" i would see full conversation like: follow up from a technician > follow up from a requester > solution (not approved) > follow up from requester (rejected comment) > solution approved > follow up from requester (approved comment)


If possible, I would like to keep in this followup a small remark about what type of the solution was applied. Exactly the same way solution is posted today, it would be great


In order to maintain the integrity and transparency of the information to the user it is important to keep the rejected solution as a history in the call and to be able to insert a new one.



Solutions have been reworked in the upcoming GLPI 9.3