Export/print ticket with details ( tasks, solution, statistics,..)

balucha 9 years ago updated by glpi 7 years ago 11
We need send/print ticket
details for customers to see how we resolved selected ticket (see pay for). We need export/print ticket details for internal needs
Why not using the PDF export plugin ? (if compatible with latest version)
It is also available to export Ticket and all follow ups & tasks : Print To PDF tab:


I try PDF export plugin, but I still think that this feature should be in GLPI.
Hello Balucha,
That's true ... It si just a workaround ;)
Under review

it's a big jo to put export PDF directly in GLPI. You must review all creation form

PDF plugin is unsupported above v.85.. so what need to be done for the latest versions ? :)


I just made a test with 0.90.5, and it's working well

it's not compatible with 9.1 (have to wait for... maybe)

Pdf plugin was updated to support 9.1 recently.