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Better UI : hide what i don't use

stephane dombre 9 years ago updated by asdf 4 years ago 6
Most of the time, we do not use all the components of GLPI (inventory, assistance, management,...), most of the time, we do not use each part of these components (ex: I don't use Phones and Consumables).
A great improvement would be to make a modular IU: you only see what you use, or what you want to see. With an "edit" option to hide or show each part.

I will point out that you can create user Profiles and simply turn off access to the interface items you don't want to see. I know this is not the same thing that you are asking about, but it does work quite well for cleaning up the options.

Under review

Additional a function to make fields mandatory would be great.

i think you can manage that under user profiles. Basically you can edit some of the menu options.


nope, it's not possible for assets. Only for tickets...

Example: Make entering the serialnumber of a new Computer mandatory.