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Piotr Rybak 9 years ago updated by Andrey K 3 years ago 22
It would be great if a user would be able to "answer" the satisfaction survey via e-mail.
Message to the user could contain few smiling faces with link that rates the ticket (link that will post satisfaction level for the ticket).
Just forgot to add. This will increase number of answered surveys (faster, simpler access to satisfaction survey).
Great idea, but:
Could it be done in a special email template that could be designed as a form with fields and a submit button?

Dear colleagues,

We need the same feature for ticket validation. Because 'Granted' button requires no comments in 90%  of our cases. 'Refused' and 'Granted with comments' can all be solved by following the link and dealing with GLPi ticket directly.

Two ideas:

1. Expand mailanalyzer plugin to parse special syntax:

Subject: Refused: [GLPI #0019945] Information resource access request


Subject: Granted: [GLPI #0019945] Information resource access request

[Approval comments in message body]

Upon matching subject keyword - approval is updated instead of followup insertion

2. Looks like we have RESTful API but only HTTP PUT-based

Need to add RESTful entry point which is GET-based like:


Then in both cases I would be able to render hyperlink buttons in approval notification email.

authmagic is a random value allowing to bypass authentication in silly GET request.

To me it looks somewhat simpler than form-enabled emails. Your opinion?

Under review

I can deliver you icons/images with smiling faces if you need them :).


I made some searches and reached the conclusion that it is not really feasible, see this about Form in emails


and this about iFrame in emails:




It's not about placing forms in e-mails but providing direct links that via API will answer satisfaction survey. Example - you are getting e-mail with info to fill the satisfaction survey. In that e-mail you have 5 icons that represent grade - after you click it you are rediracted to a page that says - thanks for filling the survey!

This shortens the time where users have to browse to ticket and mark one the stars and press save.

Based on experience of 700 users - that would be great improvement :).


I agree with Piotr Rybak - I think that would be a great improvement.

I agree too, but a question remains: what do you do with the comment?

Most of our users just want to rate the tickets without commenting.
Mostly it is a problem for them to log into GLPI and find the ticket to rate it.

ok, but for us we force end-user to input a comment when the mark is not at maxi level


It will be a great improvement. This will work for who allow users to open Anonymous Ticket (Users aren't Registered on GLPI DB), so this will work in these scenarios.

GLPI send an-email with a URL like:


When the user click on this link, will open a web page like the example below (This webpage can be opened without user need to do a login on GLPI)

Example (This page was draw on Paint and currently doesn't exist)

And, after user fill the survey, the URL for the survey can be disable or something like that.

Just to explanin, that the comment below it's just an IDEA that how this feature could be developed.

Thanks !!


You can do that with external survey. I have tried with lime survey . Works well. But problem is results are not integrated within glpi. And moreover there seems to be no mechanism to disable more than 1 survey per user.

What would be better is current internal survey is great. Just need some modification. May be can add more fields and emoji based survey

Still under review?

Anything new in the topic?

Anything new in the topic?

Anything? im really interested in the escape of the page after a satisfaction survey is added. and doing the survey via email.

Excelente notícia!!!!


will this work for offline GLPIs ?


hello, any updates on this VERY needed idea?