New rule criteria for mail receivers

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For us it would be really helpful to be able to make sure the mails sent to our receivers e-mail address are only sent to that address (with optionally other recipients in the CC). This would ensure that if one in the CC answers to all (and thus also to the receiver's address), I can block the creation of a duplicate ticket.

Suggested criteria: number of TO-recipients

The rule would thus look like this:


* To email header - is not - receiver@email.address


* Number of To-recipients - greater than - 1


* Reject email (with email response)


we face similar problems, but for our part, we want a rule that does not rejects the email.
the problem is the following :
1- a user sends an email with people in CC and a ticket is created
2- If a user (who was in CC) answer to the first message, a new ticket is created

we need a rule that compares the title regardless of the presence of the tag [GLPI]. If the rule is a ticket bearing the same title as the email with the same users (email To and CC - user and observer for GLPI), then a follow-up message is created.


This is already existing in the form of a plugin: Mail Analyzer, which uses a special UID created by mail servers to uniquely identify emails (conversation views).

But it's currently not published, so give me some days and I'll publish it.



Eu estou passando por um problema tbm com o CC, porém, um pouco diferente. geralmente os colaboradores que abre os chamados colocam o gerente/coordenador em copia, e o GLPI envia um e-mail para cada, eu preciso que o GLPI envie apenas um e-mail contendo os observadores em CC desse único chamado.

Plugin published on github: https://github.com/tomolimo/mailanalyzer

Not yet in the GLPI plugin catalog.



perfect, the solution is even better than what I was thinking.

I would try it as soon as I have some time.

Thank you so much.

Currently available for 0.83.8 only, but I'm going to test it with 0.85 and port it to 0.90

Good news, I've tested with 0.85.5 and it's ok: I just needed to change GLPI version :)

Thanks for the feature plugin: I'll test it on GLPI v0.90.1...

Please post as soon as you've done it!



This plugin is also compatible with 0.90, has been tested today!




thank for yor help

copied to plugins but not shown to install?

thank you

This site is dedicated for new feature requests!

Could you post on the plugin site for any issue?


thank you,


thank you, I will place


Guillermo Haad, you need to rename the plugin to mailanalyzer, then it'll show to you

Thank you Tomolino, I congratulate both provide GLPI

Hello everyone,

I've just installed the plugin with GLPI 9.1 but it seems not to work... is there any setup or i just need to install and activate the plugin?


Please note that this site is dedicated to GLPi evolution proposals/ideas, please use the plugin web site to post any issue (bugs, ideas, requests),

Thank you

Hi Tocolimo, I verified that when the user answers the email with some attachment the attachment is not attached to the ticket, is there such a possibility in an upcoming update? Thank you!


Good afternoon everyone, I have two problems and would like your help.

1st My Marketplace once activated, I can no longer access Plugins. A tela fica toda branca como mostra a imagem abaixo:

2º I would like your explanation of how to configure the mailanalyzer to solve the follow-up by e-mail (CC). or has no configuration and just install and activate it?

meu GLPI é o 9.5.5 e Maianalyzer é a Release 2.0.2

This site is for feature requests, not for getting help. Thanks for your understanding.

This site is only dedicated for GLPI new feature requests!

Could you post on the plugin site for any issue?


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Hi Tomolimo, any idea when the plugin will be available on GLPI 10? 

Que tal Emilio, pudiste instalar MailAnalizer en V10?