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Integrate plugins "generic object" and "custom fields" into the core

manu_b hace 9 años actualizado por Michał Panasiewicz hace 2 años 7
Integrate into the GLPI core the plugins "generic object" and "custom fields" to enable customized inventory (CMDB)

I like the fact that additional features for GLPI are possible via plugins: this makes the GLPI core less bloated.

But I think adding "Generic object" and "Custom fields" features in GLPI core could improve integration.

This integration would require plugins to support theses objects: this is good for user experience but require more work for plugin's developers.

Please take this into account when choosing to implement this idea.


Additional there is a need to show/hide fields so that the user
interface is much more cleaner and you see direct which fields are

are there some news about this topic?

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Thanks for your suggestion.

GLPI core integration for these plugins is not planned at the moment, but is not discarded.



It's not only the core integration. The basic problem is that there is missing a option for editing existing fields, making them mandatory or hide them and adding new Menus with items. The actual solution is not very trusty for productive usage.


Currently, adding other assets or new fields is one of the basic functionalities in systems of this type.

In addition, there is a problem because other plugins do not use the added fields, but only those in GLPI core - if it were in the core - plugin developers would take into account additional assets and fields by default.