Behavior plugin integration

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Integrate features of Behavior plugin in GLPI 0.90

Disclaimer: I like the fact that additional features for GLPI are possible via plugins: this makes the GLPI core less bloated.

Why integrate a plugin into the GLPI Core? If the plugin does the job there is no need to make it part of GLPI.
If you think the plugin's features should be integrated into GLPI's core: please explain why it should be, which advantages it would brings, why the plugin-solution is not working (or badly).

A plugin needs to be updated in adding to GLPI update. that is the only reason of my request.

The plugin works perfectly no issue on this side.

На рассмотрении

This plugin was created to add new comportment refused by the core team.

So it must stay like a plugin


Some features of this plugin are interesting to add to the core, such as cloning profiles and tickets, and changing the number standard of the ticket.



Thanks for your suggestion.

We are open to any proposals and contribution for integrating some of the most used options of this plugin directly in the core for more maintainability.

Do not hesitate to open a pull-request !



Do you have an estimated date for implementing this?

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