Windows 10 Toast Notifications (GLPI Plugin Notifications)

Ricardo Alexander Perez Ricard 9 years ago updated by glpi 7 years ago 9
Stevenes Donato consideras posible integrar las notificaciones de escritorio de windows 10 con glpi? Algo identico al plugin notifications que haz desarrollado... Saludos...
Under review

Please describe you feature request in english.

Include notifications in the notification center of Windows 10 , the aim is to alert technicians when it is created or exists in the system a new incident , when assigned an incident or when there is a new incident assigned to the group to which the technical part .

There is a notification plugin developed by Stevenes Donato , an excellent job. This plugin works with the Google Desktop notifications and Firefox through the API Web Notifications.


Browser notifications are being implemented for the next GLPI major release.

See this PR : https://github.com/glpi-project/glpi/pull/2207

This notifications are send to glpi mobiles applications?