GLPI Handwritten Signatures (Biometric Signatures)

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Incluir firmas con tabletas digitalizadoras como la Wacom STU-530, o con dispositivos biometricos para huellas digitales, para aprovar la resolucion de incidencias... Saludos...
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Please describe you feature request in english.

Some SDK solutions that I have personally reviewed:
  • Kofax SignDoc SDK
  • Wacom SDk
  • Impression Signature Plugin

Most of the support incidents are repairing printers, CPUs and monitors, 
once the repair of computer equipment is installed and configured and validated by the user, 
it is at the moment in which the user sign the approval the resolution of the incident.

It is very similar to the firm that is reflected when you receive a package courier, 
but in this case two tablets firms would be used.

Another option is to use jquery plugins to hand signatures:

1. jSignature
2. Signature Pad
3. jQuery UI Signature
4. jSignature

Learn how your app can capture pen & ink input, and get details on handwriting recognition. Windows 10 devices will come in many shapes and sizes, many will allow you to draw directly on the screen, and Windows 10 includes a new drawing control and low-latency hardware support for a great experience when adding handwritten content to a page.


Depends on the user's location, but those kind of signatures are probably not legally valid at all. They are not equivalent to handwritten signatures, because they cannot be analyzed like handwritten signatures can be validated. Might as well copy-and paste picture of signature. For example in the eIDAS sense (whole European Union), those kind of signatures are of the lowest level possible.

Solution depends on the local legislation. The best option would be either digital signature or make the signature requirement disappear completely.

Of course they can be validated, in the case of wacom there is a solution to validate the signatures

Dynamic Signature Verification (DSV)

DSV is software that uses the assessment of dynamic data including variables such as pen direction, stroke sequence, pen up movement, pressure, speed, etc., to help verify the authenticity of signatures. By embedding a solution enabled with the DSV SDK within a Wacom tablet that is used to generate the signatures, this data can be used to compare two signatures with a greater degree of accuracy. As a result, it becomes much more difficult for anyone to get away with signature fraud.


Kofax SignDoc


e-Signature Types

Trigger the e-signing process via click-to-sign or with handwritten signatures, the often preferred choice in face-to-face signing scenarios; signing triggered by handwritten signatures may include capture of biometric signals of the writing process according to the ISO/IEC 19794-7 standard; captured photos of signers and/or signer IDs may be added to document as ISO/IEC 32000-1 PDF standard compliant digital signatures



I've done it on GLPI 9.5.x, but with a hack.

Signature Pad Topic for GLPI



Just in case anyone is interested in e-Signatures provider integrations with GLPI we have partnered with Signaturit to bring Legal Validity to these processes.

Additional info: https://tic.gal/en/ticgal-brings-esignature-to-glpi-with-signaturit/