Give possibility to create ticket by email "on behalf of"

Tomolimo 7 years ago updated by CDuv 7 years ago 2

By default, when creating a ticket by email the writer and the requester of the ticket are equals to the email sender.

It is a good idea to implement a new feature to give users the possibility to create ticket 'on behalf of':

A user X sends an email 'on behalf of' user Y means the ticket writer will be user X, but the ticket requester will user Y.

To implement this feature, one may use a special pattern in the email body:

##From: LastName, Firstname

This feature is mainly used by service desk people when they often get emails from end-users, so instead of manually creating a ticket (doing copy/paste), then they just forward the email adding a ## in front of the "From: LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME" automatically added by the web client.

We may add the pattern in a new setting so that it can be adapted to local needs.

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PS: I may add this to GLPI project as it has already been developed for us.

it would be intersting to know if other service desk tools have the same functionnality, and if yes how do they handle it

I understand the need for such feature, but, considering the medium (e-mail) implementation will be difficult (there is not many fields we can use to receive the information).

I can see the following ways (no specific order):

  • Subject field pattern: « ... For: FooBar » would indicate ticket is created on behalf of "FooBar" (original end-user)
  • Cc field: the e-mail address present in the "Cc" field is address of the person the ticket is created on behalf of (original end-user)
  • Reply-To field: same behavior as described above for the Cc field but using the Reply-To.