Add/link ticket directly to Virtual Machine (guest) under Computer (host)

Pavel Kloud 8 years ago updated by Laurent Ducos 6 years ago 10

Currently it is possible to add/link ticket only to computer (host) even though it's possible to list virtual machines (guests) underneath. It would be great to add/link tickets to those virtual machines (guests).

For example it could be valuable to know how many tickets/troubles are related to which particular virtual machine when looking for repeating problems, problematic VMs and similar.

Hosts could be mixed with Linux/Windows VMs and each of them could be managed be different person so assigning tickets just to host is not enough.

I agree. Could we link the virtual machine to a computer id, like how we link computers to devices? That would work for me.

Not a very best solution but as long as it's linked from both sides it could work. After all I have VMs as Computers at this moment so it would be easy to link them to some host computer when possible.


In GLPi:

  1. you can declare a virtual machine running on a host (manually or can be done automatically using FusionInventory)
  2. you can install an agent in the VM to inventory the system

GLPi, currently, does the link between a VM declared on a host and the VM OS inventoried using the UUID. In other terms if the VM declared on the host and a VM inventories (seen as a computer) have the same UUID, a link is displayed dynamically.

The VM declared on a host was not intended to be used as a standard asset.

Cool. So when we add unique UUID to a Computer and to the VM they become linked. A little bit complicated due to manual UUID creation but will do the trick. Thank you Walid Nouh.

To be honnest, we have designed the system to be used with an automatic inventory tool.

Why you don't install a FI agent on the host and in the guest OSes ?

There are more reasons to it ranging from multiple customers / entities & networks to specific computer and device naming conventions + security concerns. But the main reson is that I saw Fusion Inventory import some time ago and decided to use manual evidence instead. At that time it was much faster than handling mess FI created. Maybe I would give it another try on the right occasion.

yes I think you should give it a second try.

If the host to vm infos retrieved are incorrect, please report to to fusioninventory projet so we can improve the software :)

when you declare a ticket, you search for the server in the "Associated elements" menu. At that moment, it would be necessary to add another drop-down (java script sub entry) to present the list of the vm associated with this server.

In this way it will be possible to declare a ticket on the vm of a physical server