Include the name field from the received emails of non-existent users on GLPI

Demetris Demetriou il y a 2 ans mis à jour par Random488 il y a 1 an 2

If it's possible, it'll be helpfull to include the complete email form (Name-Surname<username@email..>) or just the NameSurname part into the received tickets for non-existent GLPI users

Right, any follow up sent by an unregistred user will not show up the email adress/name of the sender

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Yes, I thought this was a bug https://github.com/glpi-project/glpi/issues/13240

Solution :

in mailcollector.php, line 1210 right after" // Clean mail content" ; add :

if($tkt['_users_id_requester'] == 0)
$tkt['content'] = $requester . ':' . '
' . $tkt['content'];

If anybody happen to know how to retrieve the email account name data, feel free to share