Associate documents to some dropdowns (eg. computer models)

CDuv 9 years ago updated by hgpit 2 years ago 2

Context: I use the Documents (from Management) to store some user manuals, technical specifications, firmwares, utility softwares about my computers, network equipment, printers, etc.

If a technician needs the user guide about the computer he is repairing he does not have to look on the Internet or find the physical manual (if any): he just goes to the "Documents" tab of the asset.

This solution works fine but have a major drawback: documents can be associated to single/individual asset. So if I have three servers of the same model (eg. BrandX SupermodelY) I'll have to associate my user manuals to theses three assets. If in the future I acquire a fourth SupermodelY server: let's hope I won't forget to associate it to my user manuals.

What I suggest is the ability to associate a document to some dropdowns, for examples:

  • The models (Computer models, Networking equipment models, Printer models, Monitor models, Peripheral models, Phone models).
  • Virtualization systems
  • Operating systems

Then, I'll associate my BrandX SupermodelY user guide to the "BrandX SupermodelY" computer model, and any past or future computer asset that is of model "BrandX SupermodelY" will have the user guide listed in it's "Documents" tab.

As an implementation reference: it is already possible to associate documents to "Locations" (but, where it differs from my idea, is that I don't see any implication on assets set on that location).

definitively needed !!!!

example when remote managing an IT I need as much details as possible on the pc

i.e. just for the BIOS : "which key to press to open BIOS" / screenshots of the bios ..etc....

This suggestion is also similar to this one http://glpi.userecho.com/topics/292-photo-of-items-computer-monitor-network-device/

We also really want this feature, so we can upload and hold documents, manuals, guides, against network device models (eg: a user manual for a specific Cisco router).