Enable load preconfigured task

Juan Fernando Villa Hernández 8 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 4

It's Simple in the Task option enable choose a combo task even with predefined time:

Step 1: Choose the template task


Select a Combo box:

Combo Task XYZ

Combo Task XXX

Selected => Combo Task ZZZ

Custom combo task

Step 2: Load the predefined combo task


Selected: Task ZZZ composed by:

Task - Make a Call

Task - Send a MSG

Task - Send a E-mail

Task - Make appointment

Task - Schedule a Videoconference

Step 3: Click in done and now I can choose the predefined tasks of Combo Task ZZZ


Click in button "Done"


Selected =>Make a Call (5 minutes preasigned time)

Send a MSG

Send a E-mail

Make appointment

Schedule a Videoconference

Step 4: With Selected Task configure their options


Configure: ASigned to "Jhon Doe" Schedule for "00/00/0000" Duration "5 Minutes" Private "No" State: "To do"


If we select "Custom combo task" we just choose from the "Pool of task" (we can create task as we want) the need it tasks for make the custom. Then we named this combo task "Some name OOO"so before we will see in the template task combo box:

Select a Combo box:

Combo Task XYZ

Combo Task XXX

Combo Task ZZZ

New One=> Combo Task OOO

Custom combo task

I did understand well enough for all of you?
I hope you like this humble idea would be of great convenience to our GLPI
Thanks for the time. Best Regards.


Have you checked the new task template feature in the dev version of GLPi ?




Hi Juan,

You can check this feature on demo.glpi-project.org

It should look like what you described.

Awesome! Thanks! You are the best of the best GLPI!