Add supplier in mass actions ticket

Dev Apps 7 years ago updated by David Stievenard 3 years ago 10

In Assistance > Tickets, add an actor assigned to supplier in mass actions


Do you implement it in 9.1?

Thanks in advance.

Not implemented in 9.1.2.

Do you implement it in 9.1.3 ?



This will be done in best effort.



Can you implement this in 9.1.4 please ?


Not yet in GLPI 9.1.4...

Don"t work in GLPI 9.1.6.

Can you implement this in the next version?

This feature still doesn't work in the new version 9.2...

News about the implementation?


This feature is not planned. Feel free to do it and propose a pull request on the project.

@Dev App

I guess you are suggestin, mass actions / update / assigned to...

I just built a quick vm and it seems it's not there indeed