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Paulo Lima 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 3

Hello! I would like to propose changes to the item "inputs", because I would like to assign the input to a call or equipment! This would make a better link, especially for maintenance of the equipment where you need repair.


Could you be more precise ? Do you have an use case to share with us ?

Thank you.

For example: I do maintenance in cftv cameras. These cameras could be added to the control of equipment without problems, but in case of consumer items for them, such as pam / tilt belts or other electronic component, it would be much more efficient to assign this input to the equipment, thus being able to control Of which component was used in each maintenance and what is the cost already invested in this equipment, being able to evaluate the need to dispose of it.

This can also be applied to other items, such as computers or servers, that consume inputs, such as a network card, memory, keyboard, mouse, etc.

For internal inventory control of the IT sector, the assignment of this input to an equipment or ticket is more interesting than per user, which is the current function..

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This situation that asks, is wrong in some way?