Maximize and minimize categories

cham45 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 2

Hi,It'd be great to be able to minimize and maximize categories when creating a ticket. In the case, we use a lot of categories and we don't want to expand all by default.


you can type the name of the category to avoid to list all categories


I agree you can type the name of the app you want but if you want to organize your categories list with details


------- Printing

------- Update

------- Wrong value

------- Others


-------- blabla

-------- blabla


-------- screen

-------- blabla

It would be much better to get a first list for (App1, App2 and PC) and then you select the right sub-cat in a second list.

The typing/finding value is good for the technician who knows perfectly how the categories are written but for detailed cat/sub-cat this is painless to find the right cat for the end-user.