Mark fields as mandatory

Johan Cwiklinski 6 years ago updated by asdf 4 years ago 5

We can define unicity on some fields, but their value can still be empty.

On another hand, we may want to set some fields as mandatory; but without any unicity.

Maybe could we consider upgrading the unicity feature to a more generic "fields setup", with unicity and mantadory (at least). Such fields must be marke as required on the html side (using the "standard" * mark, and the relevant html attribute.

Currently it's possible to do this for Tickets. It make sense to add this function for assets.


You may use 'Form validation' plug in: http://plugins.glpi-project.org/#/plugin/formvalidation



A native way would be much better. Additional there is a need to show/hide fields so that the user interface is much more cleaner and you see direct which fields are important.

Looks not so complicated to implement.... We need to points:

- modified DB to hold the Information "mandatory"

- modified frontpage for the assets

I'm not so firm with the db-model. Someone here who can help?