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Hide fields on Simplified interface but not on Default Interface

Arthur Schaefer 7 years ago updated by Atendimento1 - 1 year ago 12

It would be great if we could hide some fields just on the Simplified interface. Not on entire ticket template.

Using the template to hide the fields I don't need on Simplified, hide also on Default Interface. For example. 

Field Location, Watcher... We should be able to hide'em just on Simplified without personalizing ticket.class.php.

PS.: The "hidefields" plugin just hide the Category field.


Great request. I get many requests to customize this function and if it comes by default it will be wonderful.

Thanks my brother Arhur.

Agree. This would be really useful.


Very good suggestion. But 9.3 has no such function.


That's exactly why I wrote this suggestion. ☺

Aguardando esta melhoria... 

That would be a big help.

This would be great today if you hide or urgency field the GLPI from the error change and record a ticket when the urgency is high or very high.

When we use the GAPS app with the default user it is unauthorized to access the ticketing category lists, only when we activate the default interface we can access it would be an interesting idea to modify too as I am using a custom ticketing template so that the user has less rough access to the web
Under review

Existe este plugin, porém precisaríamos atualizá-lo para versão 10.