Purge GLPI Logs

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Include a purge logs mecanism into GLPi. See purelogs plugin

Integrate purgelog plugin

Just because log purging is an essential functionality (not optional).

And it's allays a pity when a new version of GLPI is available but plugin has not been updated yet.



Disclaimer: I like the fact that additional features for GLPI are possible via plugins: this makes the GLPI core less bloated.

Why integrate a plugin into the GLPI Core? If the plugin does the job there is no need to make it part of GLPI.
If you think the plugin's features should be integrated into GLPI's core: please explain why it should be, which advantages it would brings, why the plugin-solution is not working (or badly).


in /tools, you have cleanhistory.php to plan clean of the log in a cron

don't have that directory in glpi's directories


FYI; it is planned to reintegrate the plugin in the core; see https://github.com/glpi-project/glpi/issues/1218


A better way would be to solve problem with log :

- log pollution with install / uninstall software

- log pollution with user change when no userchange ( depend of casse or domain or not)

- log pollution with add/remove item with no real change status


cleanhistory is for clean log about history.

For user and item, can you give examples?

Under review

Purge logs feature has been added for GLPI 9.3. It is available in the available beta.