Text outside in spanish menu

Javier Samaniego 8 years ago updated by glpi 7 years ago 4

In the self-service screen the text is outside of the box in the menu, the text says: "Preguntas Frecuentes"

Image 30

Do you have a idea for an other short text ?

Sorry, I had not seen your reply.

The best translation of "F.A.Q." is "Preguntas Frecuentes"... i don't know... a synonymous of "Preguntas" can be "Dudas", which means "Doubts".

But if you change in the CSS this:

ul#menu > li {
    width: 160px;

it is solved, i think is better solution adapt the CSS and not the translation.

Under review


For translations, you can join the transifex spanish translation team.

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Thank you.