one License to multiples softwares

Frederico Gendorf 6 years ago updated by WebGreg 4 years ago 5

Many software like Adobe software you pay one license to use a group of software, I think is a good option register multiples software with a same license like:

Adobe After Effects CC 2018
Adobe Bridge CC 2018
Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2018
Adobe Illustrator CC 2018
Adobe InDesign CC 2018

Actually I need register the same license to each software above...

Wouldn't it be better to assign the license to a user? If you are talking about the Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription, then it is like the JetBrains All Products Pack Subscription.

Adding same license to different software objects would result in false counting of used licenses. Am I wrong?


My problem is all softwares from Adobe, imported by OCSInventory, use one same license.
Yes, this license is per user, but is a same license and the field "Software" on license is just for one software.

The same occour with microsoft assurance, one ID License is for a group of software.

I have the same problem with autodesk bundle like Autodesk BDS or AEC which include multiple software(41) for 1 licence.

at this time, the glpi licensing system is not enough efficient to be used as done ... an update and community listening is needed !!

With the MSDN subscription the same. One subscription is used (one license), and many softwares are installed

We realy need it. Please add this future :)

For example, I have 100 licenses. Under this license, I can install ...
100x Program1 or...
100x Program2 or...
40x Program1 and 60x Program2 or...
60x Program1 and 40x Program2.
The sum of the installations of both programs cannot exceed 100. Now I can only add two separate licenses for 100, but that's a lie because I don't have 200. I should add license with 50 per Program1 and 50 per Program2? Also bad because I can install more Program1 and will have an over quota. Installations of different programs should count under one license and subtract from the total number.