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I think at blank supplier in ticket 0.90.4 ;)

Today i do it in this way:

-processing planned

- task todo - appropriate time (with reminder)

I get a e-Mail or if i do it minutes before and change the task from todo to done. I get no further e-Mail.

You can see the task in planning view.

The hidden feature is my filtered view.

I use a filter to processing without processing planned so i don't see this ticket.

I thought this is already possible. I'm technician and i don't get e-mails for my posts.

my settings (profile settings by user) -> personalisation -> Notifications for my changes -> change this setting to no

I tested it. I responded on github.

Did not work.

Thank you

@ Admin you can close this post. I open a question.

In my opinion it is a bug. Yllen (GLPI-DEV) wants more opinions. "can you most in http://glpi.userecho.com/ to have more opinions?"

The category question could be the better choice but now i think i cannot change it anymore.

Yes, or only main number. It would be nice i open the ticket of the user and can call the requester with a third icon or after i click on the person and dial from user element.

(Oh i didn't see you questions... sorry about my late answer.)

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