regular technical inspection on items

balucha 9 years ago updated by glpi 2 years ago 10
Add ability to set on items date of regular technical inspection, periodicity and GLPI then add new ticket X days before date of regular technical inspection(automatically set requester, Due date,... ). Something like reccurent ticket but for items.

We have POS systems (cash register), PC`s, UPS, printers,... and on this items we do regular technical inspection per year(or other periodicity). Now we can`t easy set this inspections to GLPI as new tickets. Reccurent ticket is too complicated.

Perhaps using the field Item (computer/monitor/devices/printers) > Management > Date of last physical inventory.

This is the where I save the date in which a physical audit of the item took place.

No. We don`t wont inventory items.

We need send technician to service customers printer every 6 months and we want that GLPI create ticket two weeks before date of service. When technician resolve(or close) created ticket in GLPI, start new 6 month period.

We need do this with other items in inventory, too.


what about using reccurent tickets ?


Reccurent ticket is not good for this and there is no link between ticket and inventory item. It is good to have timeline log in item history about regular inspections. Set regular technical inspection on items group(selected items) using (maybe) massive action,.... This I can`t do with reccurent tickets.


You can use recurrent tickets to make templates of the future ticket with the name of customers printer (or inventory number). Later, when ticket will be generated, you or your technician must link this ticket to real item (object) manually. But i agree that this is not convenient way of preventive maintenance planning because you will need dozens of recurrent tickets templates. We need good preventive maintenance mechanism in GLPI !

Same thing here.

All answer to do this is "create a recurrent ticket", but now I have 200+ itens to do prevent inspections because we have ISO 9001 here.

I have to create 200+ templates to do this (one per item) and some recurrent tickets for different dates.

I think this is a workaround to achieve this objective.

A field that I can put in the item can solve this problem.

Under review

great idea, here's some suggestions

- manage inspections templates

- templates that can be applied massively on items / group of items / entity / ...

- it could create tickets automatically according to this template

- it could insert a new kind of task in the ticket with special properties

  - check lists

   - possibility to have mandatory checks

   - possibility to have mandatory pictures linked on each checks

   - possibility to add marks

- through the tickets workflow

   - planification

   - when was really started

   - when was really stopped

   - configure special category of tickets

   - who did the inspection

  - other technician/supplier on site during inspection

- be compatible with generic objects, fields



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