Block task duration

richard jacques 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

Is it possible to block the duration of tasks to a maximum? If so, is this also possible depending on the categories?

Remote intervention> 1h max
On-site intervention> 2h max

I think this is not a new feature but an important bug. Why ? If a user A

decides to schedule your task on another time slot, he or she has the

option of extending the duration to 100h ???? Which is absurd.

Our mode of operation is: user A creates a ticket, technician B schedules the task over a period of one hour on a specific date.

This sends an email to user A. Then, user A has the possibility to

modify the time slot of his scheduled intervention because he is not

available on this date. Suddenly he has the possibility of modifying the

task over a longer period than that which was planned.