Search by history field

Алексей Н 3 years ago updated by Curtis Conard 3 years ago 1

How to find a computer search by history?

For example, when a router was taken away from the warehouse. Now, among the heap of similar ones, you need to find it. I'll have to go through them one at a time.

I think history searches will be popular.

There is a plugin for this, but the information isn't the most readable since the historical logs were not meant to be searched, only viewed per asset.

It isn't quite to the point were I want it in the plugin directory, but it should work for what you need. It will add a "Historical" menu item under Administration that will give you a central location to search all of the historical log entries. You should know that you can only enter text to search the old and new values, and the "Search option" column which is the field being changed can only accept the numeric search ID even though it can display the label like "Name" or "Description".