Warranty Expiration Date

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A setting to list the "warranty expiration date" as expired when its past the date.


What do you mean ? I don't understand your feature request.

Thank you.

When you have a list of assets with the warranty expiration column, if its older than today's date it shows the warranty date and would be nice to just say "Expired" or something like that.

it may be displayed using a different color for example ?

Where is that option?

there's no option, I was just making a proposition ^^

Either is better than nothing. :) I would prefer expired since I wouldn't need something to stick out. Something where a quick glance I can tell if its under warranty or not.



Hi Think color is better than expired, because you need to check the date to see since when it is !

But Expiry date in Red with delta time since expiry seems to be nice like :

Warranty Expiration Date : 2016-12-31 (since 18 days) or (+18d)

Or: Expired to 18 days.

I don't think it's a good idea to add this feature

you can get this information simply with a standard search "warranty expire date" + "after" + "today"

This doesn't work well as we like to list all servers for instance expired and not expired....looking to see what's expired but also what is close to expiring.