Add Service Catalogue to GLPI

John Wilcox 8 лет назад обновлен glpi 4 года назад 6
GLPI should have Service Catalogue. Users should be able to browse it and pick (eg submit request or changes) what they want.
Hello John,
You may use the Ticket Categories for that purpose.

Service Catalog belongs to monitoring plugin.

I would recommend using appliances for your purpose.

Service catalog is currently available using the formcreator plugin

but with formcreator they create forms, not a ticket directly.

I think that screen is awesome, but they add another layer (forms) that in various cases is unnecessary.

Infotel has a plugin for service catalog that is awesome too. http://blogglpi.infotel.com/nouveau-developpement-infotel-la-creation-de-ticket-facon-catalogue-de-service/

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Thanks for your suggestion.

Official GLPI Formcreator Plugin does this feature (service catalog UI, custom forms, multiple ticket destination, etc...) : http://plugins.glpi-project.org/#/plugin/formcreator

GLPI core integration is planned.


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