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Hi Tomolino.

Tested and aproved.


Hi Tomolino.

Sorry for my ignorance, but what is the name of the plugin you mentioned in your last answer?


Rodrigo Morato


First, I would like email notifications to be more style to HTML by default, as in this Siprossii site:
Regarding the construction of new notifications, it would be possible to have some mechanism to build e-mail notifications to the WYSIWYG style, by dragging and dropping "components" as such as:


-Text area,



A reference of this kind of functionality would be the the old IDE Borland Delphi (disregard the part programming and consider only the visual part), and the CKEditor ( ).


Hi, thank you very much!


I had not noticed this option this plugin, but it would be even better if this option was incorporated into the core GLPI, and not have to install a plugin for that reason alone.

Thanks Javier.