Improve booking

Pascal GUINET 8 years ago updated by glpi 3 years ago 2
We miss the following functions to booking form :
1/ User should be able to ask for a reservation by a simple form. He only add to choose a type of hardware, a begining and end date and a free field for comment. Helpdesk would after that attribute a specific material and validate that it is attributed to the user.
2/ We need a global view with the free/busy materiel at a specific date.
3/ We need a option to validate that user returned the materiel and an alerte when user did not return it passed the predicted date.

The pluging reservation fix some problems (mail remainder, free / busy material, late return reservation)

but some improvement can be done:

  1. Reservation can be deleted : The bit 'IsDeleted' should be added and delete reservation can be done only by purge right
  2. Prohibit reservations delete all reservation, so this button should be enable only on purge right
  3. The pluggin reservation allow a return valdation but this validation can be by passed
  4. Create / modify / delete (isdeleted) reservation can be done by maker reservation right if the reservation is not started
  5. Modify / delete (isdeleted) / Validate reservation can be done only by modify / delete right
  6. May be a button to confirm that the reservation is started (object is given to the user)